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How to Optimize Lottie Files for Faster Page Load Speeds

Learn how to optimize Lottie files for faster load times and improved website performance with easy steps and format options.
How to Optimize Lottie Files for Faster Page Load Speeds

Are you looking to enhance your website's performance and user experience? Optimizing Lottie files can significantly reduce load times and improve your site's efficiency. Here's a step-by-step guide to achieving optimal results.

Why Optimize Lottie Files?

Lottie animations are already efficient, but you can make them even smaller and faster. Smaller file sizes mean faster load times, lower hosting costs, and better user experience. Optimizing your Lottie files can reduce their size by up to 80%, making your site more responsive and engaging.

Three Options to Optimize Lottie Files

1. Optimized Lottie Format

The optimized Lottie format reduces the file size without compromising quality. It achieves this by minimizing scripts, images, and unused tags within the Lottie file. This option can save you up to 20% on file size, and you can easily embed it using the oEmbed feature or Lottie libraries for web, iOS, and Android.

2. dotLottie Format

The dotLottie format compresses multiple Lottie files and their assets into a single ZIP archive, reducing the file size by up to 80%. This format is ideal for bundling animations with all necessary assets, ensuring smoother integration. To use dotLottie files, developers need the dotLottie player available for web, iOS, and Android.

3. Optimized dotLottie

Combining the benefits of the previous two options, the optimized dotLottie format offers maximum file size reduction. By first optimizing the Lottie JSON and then compressing it into the dotLottie format, you can achieve up to 80% size reduction, especially for animations with many images or attachments.

Practical Comparison

Let's see these optimizations in action. For an original Lottie JSON file of 291.4 KB:

  • Optimized JSON: 227.8 KB (21% smaller)
  • dotLottie: 24 KB (92% smaller)
  • Optimized dotLottie: 20.3 KB (93% smaller)

How to Optimize Your Lottie Files

Optimizing your Lottie files is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your animation in the LottieFiles workspace.
  2. Click the "Download as" button on the top menu bar.
  3. Choose the desired format: Lottie JSON, optimized Lottie, dotLottie, or optimized dotLottie.
  4. Your download will start automatically.

And that's it! You now have a smaller, optimized Lottie file ready to use, ensuring faster load times and a better user experience.


Optimizing Lottie files is an easy and effective way to improve your website or app's performance. By reducing file sizes, you enhance load speeds and provide a better experience for your users, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversions. Start optimizing your Lottie files today and see the difference it makes!


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