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Delve into Beehiiv's growth-centric features engineered by the Morning Brew team. Discover how it empowers modern-day publishers to monetize newsletters.
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In the digital realm where content is king, newsletters act as a royal chariot, delivering value straight to the subscriber's doorstep. Among the ensemble of newsletter platforms, Beehiiv emerges with a promise of growth-centric features for content creators. This review delves into Beehiiv’s offerings, exploring its potential to become a staple in the creators’ toolkit.

Quick Overview

Beehiiv, engineered by the early Morning Brew team, now powers some of the world's top newsletters. It pitches itself as a comprehensive platform for newsletter enthusiasts, requiring no coding or complex integrations​​.

Feature Rich Environment

Beehiiv is laden with features tailored for both novice and seasoned newsletter publishers. Here’s a glimpse:

Creation and Publishing

  • Powerful Editing: Equipped with an editor resembling tools like Notion, it offers a myriad of elements including headers, lists, images, and on paid plans, advanced features like HTML snippets and referral programs​​.
  • Design Flexibility: Customize your newsletter template in the 'Design Lab', tweaking background color, text size, and more​​.

Growth and Monetization

  • Referral Program: Foster organic growth by rewarding readers who promote your newsletter​.
  • Premium Subscriptions: Monetize by setting up paid subscription tiers through Stripe for exclusive content access​.
  • Boosts: Accelerate growth through paid recommendations, also earning by making these recommendations​.


  • Insightful Analytics: The analytics dashboard, available on paid plans, provides a bird's eye view of crucial metrics like subscriber acquisition attribution and open rates​.

And Much More

  • SEO-Optimized Website Hosting: Host your newsletters on a SEO-optimized website, customizing design elements to your preference​.
  • Forms for Subscriber Collection: Collect subscriber information either through your Beehiiv website or an embed code on an existing site​.


Beehiiv, with its robust feature set, presents a compelling case for content creators aiming to build, nurture, and monetize their newsletters. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with growth and monetization tools, makes it a promising platform for modern-day publishers. Whether you are just starting out or looking to migrate from platforms like Substack, Beehiiv warrants a closer look.

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Decoge is a tech enthusiast with a keen eye for the latest in technology and digital tools, writing reviews and tutorials that are not only informative but also accessible to a broad audience.

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