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Microsoft Joins Forces with Thorn and All Tech Is Human to Enhance Child Safety in Generative AI

Microsoft partners with Thorn and All Tech Is Human to integrate child safety measures in AI technologies.
Microsoft Joins Forces with Thorn and All Tech Is Human to Enhance Child Safety in Generative AI
Microsoft Joins Forces with Thorn and All Tech Is Human to Enhance Child Safety in Generative AI

Microsoft has recently announced a pivotal collaboration with Thorn and All Tech Is Human to bolster child safety measures within generative AI technologies. This partnership marks a significant advancement in the fight against the exploitation and abuse of children online.

Microsoft's Ongoing Commitment to Digital Safety

Microsoft's Chief Digital Safety Officer, Courtney Gregoire, has outlined the company's commitment to integrating preventative and proactive principles into its generative AI technologies and products. This initiative not only builds upon Microsoft's longstanding commitment to online safety but also complements the efforts of Thorn—a nonprofit dedicated to defending children from sexual abuse—and All Tech Is Human, which addresses complex societal issues related to technology.

The Principles of the New Child Safety Commitment

Microsoft's new commitment involves several strategic actions aimed at enhancing the safety of generative AI applications:

  1. Developing Safe AI Models: Microsoft is set to develop, build, and train generative AI models that proactively address child safety risks. This includes ensuring that training datasets are responsibly sourced and safeguarded against abusive content.
  2. Deploying with Safety in Mind: Before releasing generative AI models, Microsoft will evaluate them for child safety, thus providing protections throughout the deployment process.
  3. Maintaining Ongoing Safety Measures: Microsoft commits to continually adapt and respond to new child safety risks, maintaining the safety integrity of both the model and platform.

Collaborative Efforts for a Safer Digital Environment

This commitment to child safety is not just about technological interventions but also about fostering robust collaboration across the industry, with governments, and civil society. Microsoft plans to transparently share progress and engage with policymakers to ensure that legal frameworks support these safety initiatives.

A Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Abuse

By addressing the potential misuse of generative AI to create or spread child sexual abuse material (AIG-CSAM) and other forms of harm, Microsoft and its partners are setting a new standard in the tech industry for ethical innovation and child protection.

Engaging the Community and Looking Ahead

Microsoft encourages ongoing dialogue with the tech community and commits to sharing best practices and technological advancements through platforms like the new AI Safety Institute. The goal is to continuously enhance safety protocols and protect the most vulnerable members of society from the adverse impacts of advancing technologies.

This commitment from Microsoft, Thorn, and All Tech Is Human underscores the importance of community and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of digital safety and child protection.


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