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How to Update Apps on Homey: Ensuring Your Smart Home Device Stays Current

Keep your Homey device up-to-date with automatic app updates for optimal performance and security.
How to Update Apps on Homey: Ensuring Your Smart Home Device Stays Current
How to Update Apps on Homey: Ensuring Your Smart Home Device Stays Current

Homey devices, including Homey Pro and Homey Bridge, are enhanced significantly through the use of various apps. These apps integrate and manage smart home functionalities, making your experience smoother and more customized. As technology progresses, these apps are frequently updated to offer new features, improve compatibility, and enhance security. It's crucial to keep these apps updated to maintain the optimal performance of your Homey device. Here’s a guide on how to ensure your Homey apps are always up to date.

Understanding Automatic Updates

Homey devices are designed to simplify the management of your smart home, which includes the hassle-free updating of apps. By default, Homey features an automatic update mechanism that ensures your apps are always current without requiring manual intervention. Here’s how it works:

  1. Automatic App Updates: Homey periodically checks for updates in the Homey App Store. When a new version of an app is available, Homey automatically downloads and installs this update. This process ensures that you are always using the latest version of each app, which includes all the recent improvements and bug fixes.
  2. Seamless Integration: These updates are applied without disrupting the normal operation of your Homey device. Homey is designed to handle these updates in the background.
  3. Compatibility Checks: Before any update is installed, Homey ensures that the new version of the app is compatible with your specific Homey model, whether it's the Homey Pro or Homey Bridge. This compatibility check is crucial for maintaining the stability and functionality of your device.


Homey's automatic app update feature ensures that your device remains efficient, secure, and on the cutting edge of smart home technology. By allowing your Homey to manage app updates automatically, you free up your time and reduce the need for technical maintenance, ensuring a seamless smart home experience.


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