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Where to Find Teams Recordings: A Guide to Accessing Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings

Learn where and how to find, share, and manage your Microsoft Teams meeting recordings effectively.
Where to Find Teams Recordings: A Guide to Accessing Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings
Where to Find Teams Recordings: A Guide to Accessing Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings

Microsoft Teams has evolved as a primary communication tool for many organizations, offering a comprehensive suite of features that support both real-time and asynchronous collaboration. One of the key functionalities in Microsoft Teams is the ability to record meetings for later review or for those who were unable to attend. This article will guide you through the process of finding, sharing, and downloading recordings of your meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Understanding Where Teams Recordings Are Stored

Changes in Storage Locations

As of early 2021, Microsoft Teams has updated its storage protocols for meeting recordings. Previously, recordings were saved in Microsoft Stream; however, they are now stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. This change aligns with Microsoft’s cloud storage strategy, enhancing accessibility and integration with other Office 365 apps.

Accessing Recordings

To play a meeting recording, simply find the recording in the meeting chat or by opening the meeting in your Teams Calendar and selecting the Recap tab. For recordings of channel meetings, navigate to the respective channel in Teams and select the Files tab. Here, all meeting recordings for that channel will be accessible.

If your organization still utilizes Microsoft Stream, recordings can be accessed by visiting Stream and selecting My Content > Videos.

Managing Recording Permissions and Expiration

Storage and Permissions

Recordings from channel meetings are stored within the Files tab of the channel, which is part of a SharePoint site and document library. This setup ensures that everyone in the channel can view and edit the recording. For non-channel meetings, recordings are saved in the Recordings folder in the OneDrive directory of the person who initiated the recording. Only the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording have the ability to edit it, but all meeting attendees can view it.

Expiration of Recordings

It’s important to note that recordings in Teams may have an expiration date, which is determined by your organization's admin. This feature helps manage storage but can be adjusted if needed, ensuring that recordings are available as long as they are required.

How to Share and Download Meeting Recordings

Sharing a Recording

To share a meeting recording, find the recording either in the meeting chat or under the Recap tab in the meeting details. You can then use the 'Get link' or 'Share' options to obtain a shareable link, which can be sent via message, email, or any other form of communication. It’s crucial to understand that guests and external attendees need a direct link to view the recording, and sharing permissions may be moderated by the meeting organizer or recorder.

Downloading a Recording

Downloading a meeting recording is restricted to the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording. Detailed instructions for downloading from OneDrive or SharePoint can be found on the respective help sites. If your organization uses Microsoft Stream, navigate to the recording in the chat history, select More options, and then download the recording via the Microsoft Stream portal.


Microsoft Teams meeting recordings are a vital resource for teams looking to enhance communication and productivity by making key discussions accessible post-meeting. With recordings now stored in OneDrive and SharePoint, organizations benefit from streamlined access and integrated sharing capabilities. Whether you’re looking to review a past meeting or share it with others, Microsoft Teams offers the tools necessary to manage your recordings effectively.


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