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Rewardful is all-in-one SaaS affiliate and referral tracking software. Just connect your account and launch an affiliate program in minutes.
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Rewardful is a specialized affiliate and referral management software designed to cater to the needs of SaaS companies. It offers a seamless integration with Stripe and Paddle, allowing businesses to establish and manage affiliate programs with ease. Rewardful is particularly built for subscription models, adjusting commissions automatically for changes such as upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations​.


1. Affiliate and Referral Programs: Rewardful offers a combined platform for managing both affiliate and referral programs, providing a comprehensive solution under one umbrella​​.

2. Subscription & Stripe Integration: The software is optimized for subscription services and integrates directly with Stripe to manage financial transactions and affiliate payments​.

3. Multiple Revenue Channels: Users can create diverse programs to tap into different market segments and partner types, including B2B partnerships and in-app customer referrals​​.

4. Customization and Branding: It provides a branded affiliate portal and the ability to use a custom domain for a consistent brand experience​.

5. Affiliate Finder: Rewardful includes a unique affiliate discovery engine to help businesses find and recruit affiliates​​.

6. Fraud Detection and Analytics: It comes with self-referral fraud detection and last touch attribution analytics to ensure fair and transparent operations​​.


Rewardful's pricing structure is designed to grow with your business, starting with a 14-day free trial. The Starter plan begins at $49 per month with no transaction fees for up to $7,500 from affiliates. The Growth plan is the most popular at $99 per month, supporting up to $15,000 from affiliates and providing additional features like Affiliate Finder credits. For enterprises with over $15,000 from affiliates, the Enterprise plan starts at $149 per month, offering 100 Affiliate Finder credits​​.

Customer Testimonials

Spencer Fry, a SaaS founder, praised Rewardful for its reliability and easy setup, contrasting it with other platforms that were expensive or bug-ridden​. Similarly, Chris Oliver highlighted how Rewardful simplified the daunting task of setting up an affiliate program​​. Ward Sandler complimented its user-friendly setup and integration capabilities​.

Who are the Competitors?

Rewardful competes with several affiliate marketing platforms:

  1. ShareASale: A freemium affiliate network renowned for its wide usage among online businesses​​.
  2. Amazon Associates: Amazon's own affiliate marketing network with a freemium pricing model​​.
  3. Refersion: Caters to affiliate and influencer marketing with a focus on seamless Shopify integration​​.
  4. Commission Junction (CJ): A robust affiliate marketing network known for its wide array of advertisers and publishers​​.
  5. Rakuten: Offers cashback and shopping solutions, along with an affiliate program​​.
  6. Impact Radius: A digital marketing platform that provides a range of tools including affiliate marketing​.
  7. GoAffPro: An affiliate marketing app specifically for e-commerce stores​​.
  8. AvantLink: Provides affiliate marketing services with an emphasis on multi-channel analytics​.
  9. Skimlinks: Automates monetization of product links within commerce-related content​​.
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