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ProductScope is an AI-driven platform powered such as ChatGPT products for Amazon Tools, created to enhance, and streamline your Amazon business.
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ProductScope is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to boost Amazon brand growth. It serves as an Amazon Review Analytics tool, providing sellers with profound insights by analyzing thousands of product reviews. This tool is crucial for understanding customer sentiments and purchase motivations, essentially offering a deep dive into the Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis.

Features of ProductScope:

  • Voice of Customer Analytics: It enables brands to visualize word clouds, discern customer sentiments, and comprehend what drives purchases​​.
  • Amazon Listing Optimization: The platform assists in enhancing product listings with strategic keyword placement, ensuring better visibility and conversion rates​​.
  • AI Image Photoshoots: ProductScope offers services to transform product images, which can significantly impact customer attraction and retention​​.
  • Chatbot Assistance: Named Dobby, the chatbot aids in decision-making and customer support, streamlining the user experience​​.
  • Keyword Research: It provides keyword research tools to optimize product listings for better search visibility on Amazon​​.


While specific pricing details are unclear, ProductScope seems to offer both free and paid options. The paid subscriptions start from $20 per month, making it an accessible tool for businesses of various sizes​.

Customer Testimonials:

As of the last search, direct customer testimonials for ProductScope were not readily available. However, the lack of reviews should not deter potential users, as the tool's features present a promising opportunity for brands looking to enhance their Amazon presence.

ProductScope’s Competitors:

  • A platform offering a set of AI tools for various applications​.
  • StudioGPT: Specializes in reimagining images through AI, allowing users to upload and convert images​​.
  • Focuses on creating profile pictures for social media using AI​​.
  • AI Product Photos: Generates product photos, potentially competing with ProductScope’s AI image photoshoot feature​.
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