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Notice is a nocode editor that allows you to create, customize and implement an FAQ, Documentation or Blog in any web or mobile applications. Collaborate with your team, get insights about your users and improve your SEO.
Screenshot of Notice website is a no-code editor that simplifies creating, customizing, and deploying FAQs, blogs, documentation, and testimonials across web and mobile applications. Its platform allows collaboration, provides user insights, and enhances SEO efforts​.


  • Web Blocks Creation: Users can create content blocks, or 'web blocks,' which can be placed anywhere on the web, such as on a subdomain or within a website section​.
  • Enhanced User Interface: It offers an intuitive UI/UX, enabling the creation of beautiful content that matches your brand style​​.
  • SEO-friendly: The blocks are designed to be SEO-friendly, increasing the visibility of content on search engines​.
  • Auto-translate: It can automatically translate content into over 100 languages, making your content globally accessible​.
  • Versatile Deployment: allows you to deploy content on any platform without the limitations of typical no-code platforms​.
  • Collaborative Editor: Teams can work together within the platform to produce content​.

offers a range of pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: $0, offering basic features with limitations on customization and translation​.
  • Individual Plan: $19 per month, allowing more projects and some customization features​.
  • Essential Plan: $49 per month, designed for companies needing more projects and collaboration features​.
  • Team Plan: $199 per month, supporting a larger number of projects and collaborators, with over 200 languages for translation​.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for enterprise-grade solutions with advanced features like premium CDN, SSO, on-premise data, and content audits​.
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Decoge is a tech enthusiast with a keen eye for the latest in technology and digital tools, writing reviews and tutorials that are not only informative but also accessible to a broad audience.

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