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Framer is a powerful platform that allows users to design and publish responsive websites. Its freeform canvas supports animations, interactions, and an integrated CMS. Users can start from a variety of templates or design from scratch​.
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Framer is an innovative no-code website builder and interactive design tool that empowers creators to design, prototype, and publish websites without needing to write a single line of code​. It's a platform that caters to a variety of users, from freelancers to large agencies, providing a canvas for comprehensive website creation with AI-assisted design and templates​​.

Framer — Success starts with a site
Design and publish your dream site. Add animations, interactions, and optimize for every breakpoint. Then scale your site with an advanced CMS and Localization — no code needed and publish for free.

Detailed Section of Features

Framer's standout features include a freeform canvas that supports animations, interactions, and a content management system (CMS). The tool enables designers to convert visual mockups into interactive prototypes and ultimately, into fully functional websites​​. With Framer, users can leverage a range of effects like parallax scrolling and employ localization to tailor sites to different languages and regions​. Additionally, Framer facilitates powerful site management, ensuring websites look great on all devices and when shared across platforms​.


Framer offers a free tier, which is a great entry point for new users. For more advanced features, there's a subscription model starting from $5.00 per editor per month. This includes additional project permissions, 10 GB of file storage, and a 30-day version history​​.

Customer Testimonials

Customers express high satisfaction with Framer, highlighting its ease of use, the low learning curve from similar tools like Figma, and the speed at which they can publish sites​​. Testimonials from various users, including freelancers and startups, indicate that Framer significantly streamlines the website building process, making it fast and intuitive.

Who are the Competitors?

Framer's competitors include well-established names such as Sketch, Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, and Origami​​. Additionally, tools like Axure Software Solutions, UXPin, and Webflow offer similar functionalities, catering to a diverse range of user needs and preferences​.

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