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Discover DaisyUI's features, free pricing, and customer reviews. Enhance your web development with this Tailwind CSS component library.
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DaisyUI is a powerful component library built on top of Tailwind CSS, designed to enhance the development of beautiful, responsive websites. It simplifies the use of Tailwind CSS by providing semantic class names, reducing the need for extensive custom styling and making development faster and more efficient.

Official daisyUI Store — Tailwind CSS Components ( version 4 update is here )
daisyUI Store - Professional templates made by daisyUI

Features of DaisyUI

  1. Faster Development: DaisyUI offers pre-defined class names for common UI components, significantly speeding up the development process.
  2. Cleaner HTML: By using semantic class names, DaisyUI helps in maintaining clean and readable HTML code.
  3. Highly Customizable: Built on Tailwind CSS, DaisyUI allows extensive customization using utility classes.
  4. Themeable: Users can create and apply custom themes across all DaisyUI components, ensuring a unique and cohesive design.
  5. Pure CSS: DaisyUI is framework agnostic and doesn't require any JavaScript dependencies, ensuring compatibility across various frameworks.
  6. Component Rich: With over 55 components and 500+ utility classes, DaisyUI provides a comprehensive toolkit for building modern web interfaces.


DaisyUI is free to use, making it an attractive option for both individual developers and teams. It can be easily installed via npm and integrated into any Tailwind CSS project without any licensing fees or restrictions. They also have some templates for sale starting from $19.

Customer Testimonials

Users have praised DaisyUI for its ease of use and efficiency. Many developers appreciate the reduction in HTML code size and the speed boost it provides in development. Testimonials highlight the library's seamless integration with Tailwind CSS and its ability to simplify the styling process while maintaining a high degree of customization.


In summary, DaisyUI is a robust and versatile component library that enhances Tailwind CSS, offering significant improvements in development speed, HTML cleanliness, and customization flexibility. Its free pricing and positive user feedback make it a valuable tool for developers looking to streamline their workflow and create visually appealing web applications.

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