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Brilliant Directories rewiew: Your Solution for Building Online Membership Sites
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What is Brilliant Directories?

Brilliant Directories is a robust platform designed to help users create and manage their online membership sites and business directories efficiently. The software offers a comprehensive set of tools tailored for member management, content publishing, and revenue generation through automated recurring payments and advertising.

How to Create Your Own Directory Website
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  • Member Management: Allows easy registration and management of members with self-service capabilities.
  • Content Publishing: Enables publishing of articles, events, coupons, and classifieds.
  • Monetization Tools: Includes features for setting up recurring payments, managing advertisements, and event promotion.
  • Design and Branding: Users can customize their directories with their logos and design preferences.
  • SEO and Integration: The platform supports instant SEO features and integrates with over 5,000 apps via webhooks.
  • Support and Hosting: Offers premium hosting solutions along with responsive email support to ensure smooth operation.


Brilliant Directories offers various pricing plans to suit different needs, including monthly and yearly subscriptions. They provide a free demo and have options for enterprise and agency plans, which cater to more extensive directory requirements.

Customer Testimonials

Customers like Vincent H. from Texas and Erwin C. also from Texas have praised the platform for its ease of use and comprehensive support, which has enabled them to run successful directory websites.

In conclusion, Brilliant Directories is a versatile and powerful solution for anyone looking to establish or manage an online directory or membership site. Its wide range of features, combined with excellent customer support and competitive pricing, makes it a top choice in its market segment.

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