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Discover Beyond UI's extensive components, features, and flexible pricing for seamless web and SaaS design in Figma.
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Beyond UI is a premium UI kit and design system tailored specifically for Figma, aimed at enhancing the design process for web and SaaS applications. This tool provides a comprehensive suite of components, variables, and templates designed to streamline the creation of professional, polished designs.

Premium UI kit and design system for Figma - Beyond UI
Beyond UI is a premium slot UI kit and design system for Figma. Beyond UI offers advanced high-quality components and customizable templates

Detailed Section of Features

Extensive Component Library

Beyond UI boasts over 3,000 core components, including buttons, inputs, dropdowns, alerts, and more. These components utilize Figma’s powerful features like properties and nested instances, allowing for the creation of multiple instances from a single master component.

Slot Feature

A standout feature of Beyond UI is the "slots" functionality, which simplifies website layout creation. Designers can quickly assemble landing pages and other sections by selecting pre-defined slot layouts and customizing them with pre-designed section elements.

Dark Mode and Responsiveness

The system includes variables for colors, spacing, and sizes, enabling easy switching between dark mode and responsive designs with just one click. This ensures designs look great on all devices.

SaaS-Specific Components

With over 350 components and screens tailored for SaaS applications, Beyond UI covers the most common functionalities and screen layouts needed for web applications, ensuring a comprehensive toolkit for designers.

Auto Layout 5.0

Beyond UI makes full use of Figma’s Auto Layout 5.0 features, ensuring components adjust, expand, and reorganize seamlessly as content changes, maintaining a polished look across all devices and screen sizes.


Beyond UI offers flexible pricing options to cater to different needs:

  • Free Version: Includes essential features and components such as 200+ color variables, 500+ components, Auto Layout 5.0, smart components, and more. This version provides a good starting point for designers at no cost.
  • Premium Version: Priced at $97, this option is ideal for solo designers and freelancers. It includes 300+ color variables, 3,000+ components, unlimited instances, and all the advanced features like dark mode, responsive screens, and lifetime updates.

Customer Testimonials

Users have expressed high satisfaction with Beyond UI, praising its ease of use, comprehensive feature set, and the significant time savings it offers. Testimonials highlight the quality of the components and the efficiency gains in creating both simple and complex design projects. The ability to quickly switch to dark mode and adjust layouts for different screen sizes has been particularly appreciated by many designers.


Beyond UI stands out as a robust and versatile UI kit and design system for Figma. Its extensive library of components, innovative slot feature, and seamless integration of dark mode and responsiveness make it an invaluable tool for web and SaaS designers. With flexible pricing options and positive customer feedback, Beyond UI is well-positioned to enhance the workflow of both novice and experienced designers.

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