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Discover how ApparenceKit can save you time with features like Firebase Authentication, RevenueCat integration, and more.
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ApparenceKit is a Flutter template generator developed by, designed to help developers quickly bootstrap their apps for iOS, Android, and web. It aims to save significant time and effort by providing pre-built templates and components, enabling the launch of high-quality apps in a fraction of the usual development time.

Agency Flutter app boilerplate with best practices
Save time and money using our Flutter app template with entreprise grade architecture. Our agency used and built it for years. Check here to see how it can help you.

Detailed Features


    • Firebase Authentication: Secure and easy authentication with Firebase, including social logins (Google, Facebook, Twitter).
    • REST API Authentication: Custom backend support with token management.
    • Auth Pages: Customizable login, signup, and password reset pages.


    • RevenueCat Integration: Simplifies in-app subscriptions for both Android and iOS.
    • Subscription Management: Customizable subscription pages and easy subscription state retrieval.


    • Firebase Notifications: Seamless integration for Android and iOS notifications.
    • Device Registration: Ready-to-use device registration and notification history pages.


    • Unit Testing: 100% tested boilerplate.
    • State Management: Utilizes Riverpod for robust state management.
    • CI/CD Integration: Supports Gitlab, Github, and Codemagic templates for continuous integration and deployment.

Other Features

    • Internationalization: Support for multiple languages.
    • Analytics: Built-in analytics integration.
    • Web Compatibility: Ready for web application development.
    • Community Access: Includes access to a supportive Discord community.


  • Starter Plan: €100 (discounted from €200)
    • Features include the command line tool, mobile templates, web compatibility, internationalization, analytics, and more.
  • Core Plan: €149 (discounted from €249)
    • Includes everything in the Starter Plan plus one-year updates and dedicated support.
  • Unlimited Plan: €215 (discounted from €315)
    • Lifetime updates and all features included.

All plans offer a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Testimonials

  • Louis Korczowski ( Co-founder): Praised ApparenceKit for saving weeks of development and debugging time.
  • K. Nguyen: Appreciated the ease and time savings provided by the boilerplate code.
  • Pieter van der Westhuizen: Found ApparenceKit to be an exemplary guide for app architecture and development.
  • Shams Ali: Recommended ApparenceKit for its well-structured templates that include all necessary modern app features.
  • Emiliano: Highlighted ApparenceKit's performance and modern UI capabilities, making it a must-have for Flutter developers.

ApparenceKit is an invaluable tool for developers looking to streamline their app development process, offering a range of features and robust support at a competitive price.

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