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aiCarousels is a tool designed to ease the creation of engaging carousels for your social media.
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aiCarousels is an online platform designed to facilitate the creation of professional-looking carousels for both business and personal purposes. It incorporates a design tool equipped with features for generating captivating content, customizing designs, and exporting high-quality visuals to enhance social media presence​.

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The Fastest 🕒⚡ Way to Create Social Media Carousels for LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok – free, no sign-up required!

Detailed Section of Features

  • AI Writing Assistant: Input a topic or existing content, and let the AI craft a captivating carousel for you. You can edit the generated content to suit your style.
  • User-Friendly Design Platform: Simplifies carousel creation, enabling even non-designers to effortlessly create eye-catching carousels.
  • Auto-Resize: Automatically adjusts elements ensuring perfect positioning and legible font sizes without manual adjustments.
  • Predefined Colors & Fonts: Offers handpicked color palettes and font pairings to facilitate harmonious designs.
  • Fully Customizable Template: Personalize your carousel template to reflect your branding across social media platforms.
  • Save & Load Custom Presets: Save your design as a template for future use, streamlining the creation process.
  • Platform-Specific Design: Create carousels tailored for LinkedIn, Instagram feeds, stories, and TikTok posts.
  • Mostly Free to Use: Access a wide range of features for free.
  • Versatile, High-Quality Export: Export carousels in high-res PDF or JPG sequence formats depending on the platform where they will be posted​1​.


  • Free Plan: Allows creation of up to three carousels per month with a maximum of 10 slides per carousel.
  • Paid Plans: The pricing for paid plans starts at $14.95, which presumably unlocks additional features and allows for more carousel creations per month​.

Customer Testimonials

Customers praise aiCarousels for its ease of use, especially praising the AI Writing Assistant and Auto-Resize feature. They also appreciate the professional look of the carousels created using this tool, with one user mentioning a significant increase in LinkedIn impressions thanks to aiCarousels. Another user compared the quality of carousels created with aiCarousels to those made by a paid content creator on Fiverr and found aiCarousels to be superior​​.

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